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USB Flash Drive Automatic Format Tools

Generally, formatting is the quickest way to prepare a USB drive ready for data storage, plus it is the best way to troubleshoot many general USB issues.

When you meet any one of the following issues, you would like to format your USB drive or a pen drive with a reliable USB format tool:

  • USB is slow in writing or transferring files.

  • USB becomes RAW, not accessible, not formatted USB drive

  • Remove data and restore USB drive to its full capacity.

  • Can't save a single file bigger than 4GB on USB.

  • Can't create a partition larger than 32GB on FAT32 USB drive.

  • Windows was unable to complete the format while formatting a USB.

  • Can't format USB with "the disk is write-protected" error.

USB format tool, also known as USB formatter, lets you solve many USB format problems. With the help of the recommended USB format tools on this page, you can easily format USB drive to FAT32 or NTFS, format a write-protected USB flash drive, format USB drive back to the original size, etc. 


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