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How to set BIOS to boot from USB Flash Drive

Depending on the configuration of the desktop computer and the notebook computer, the BIOS interface function software will also be different. BIOS: Basic Input Output System. Generally, the most common use of bios is to set the boot sequence of the U disk to reinstall the system. The following editor has compiled several graphic tutorials for modifying the computer to enter the BIOS to set the USB Flash Drive to start.

One: Regarding the settings for some computers to enter the bios interface.

(1) Restart the computer and press F2 continuously. This interface will appear.


(2) Use the left and right keys to move to boot, and then select the marked one and press the up and down keys to move it to the first position.


(3) Press F10 again to save and exit. Click Yes, it is set to boot from USB Flash Drive.

Two: About the interface of entering bios on some ASUS computers.

(1) Restart the computer and press F8 continuously.


(2) Bios will recognize the USB Flash Drive, move the USB Flash Drive to the first position, and then press Enter.



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